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Part 1: Long Review

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Of the 5 major islands My favourite beach in all of Hawaii is Magic Sands Beach (La’Aloa) It is a tiny little beach right in the heart of Kona. It’s a sandy little beach that is awesome for sunbathing, swimming and catching waves if you want to ride waves into the shore. The water is also extremely warm but it does have insane waves which are considered dangerous at times. Mostly this is during monsoon season or the winter when the waves are bigger and rains can be heavier. During the summer, it isn’t as bad but of course it does have its moments that everyone must obey and follow.

This beach is so nice because it isn’t ridiculously busy but it is usually busy enough to allow for conversation and beach games if you want but it is not empty so you don’t feel like a crazy person being the only one on the beach. One of the main interactive sports to play with random people on this beach is beach volleyball. The sand and weather makes beach volleyball a

There are a few drawbacks however, even though this is a smaller that size difference makes it harder to find a place on the beach because of the size difference. I really do recommend that you go to this beach because you don’t want to go to the bigger beaches that are insanely crowed then this beach is a great option. Another drawback to this beach is that because it’s known as a smaller beach that is incredibly beautiful there is a limit to how many people they allow but of course that means parking is absolutely insane to come by. After the parking lot is full people just park on the street which is also an extremely common thing in Hawaii. At least on the big island.

The sand on this beach is soft and warm. When people go to the beach you lie out a beach towel and everything as well. The thing with this sand is when you walk on it you don’t need to do this is because it is so soft. It is incredible. I once laid in the sand there for almost three hours, I didn’t want to leave. Another thing with the sand, and this the case across all the sand in Hawaii or probably any place in the world along oceans is the sand is incredibly clean. By clean I mean that if you walk on it you can hear it squeak under your feet.

Part 2: Guidebook Entry

On the Big Island is the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy. This Observatory is one of the biggest in the world yet visitors aren’t allowed completely to the top. Visitors arer only allowed about ¾ the way up where the is Visitor Information Center is located. Here they have small tours where they bring out telescopes of different magnitudes to use. They usually focus them on certain areas of the sky with the ones being the Pleiades, another being Saturn, the moon and Jupiter. Although tourists can’t go further up the observatory than this point that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthless. The people who work at the observatory are friendly and knowledgeable. They know what they are talking about. If you ever have any questions these are the people to ask.

It may be nice during the day when the average temperature is between 25-29 degrees Celsius, it can get extremely cold at night. When you’re 9,300 ft in altitude you start to get slightly cold. So, if you’re sick and tired of freezing outside you can step inside the Visitor Information Center for a nice steaming cup of Hot Chocolate, completely free! And if you ask really nicely they may even supply you with a blanket if you’re lucky enough to be quick enough to know they are there. Inside the center is also a gift shop with a great selection of souvenirs for tourists or those who take an interest in the stars.

The telescopes that the people from the center set up are a nice addition because since they are so powerful they allow you to view things such as the moon or the rings of Saturn so clearly. I have been to this observatory three times and each time has been different. Even though the time of the year was the same each day the stars are in a different place. The planets are in a different position. Also, the guides from there happen to tell you a story.

This story is slightly different however. See to you and me we know the constellations one way through Greek Mythology. The Hawaiian people though, they have their own version of the constellations and each one of the constellations connects to form one giant story. When I was there and our tour guide told us this it was amazing.

So if you are looking for a great place to spend a few hours at night on the big hours that doesn’t hurt your pocket too much in the money department I recommend you head up the mountain and observe the stars because it will be worth it and you may learn something while you are at it at the same time. I guarantee a star like experience.

Part 3: Media Release

Waikiki celebrates 10th Year of Turtle racing.

Kona Hawaii – This year 2016, marks the 10-year anniversary of the famous Waikiki turtle races. Waikiki started the tradition a century ago when two people arrived at the beach dressed in the exact same turtle costume. When both women were separated from each other having shouted that each other stole the others costume. When neither woman would back down some bystanders decided that a race would determine a winner on who got to keep the costume and who had to change. The race was such a big hit that the following year both men and women alike showed up in turtle costumes just to have races.

Regardless to say it caused such hype in the community that Waikiki declared it a real race in 2006 and has been increasing in popularity since. The first year there were ten participants the next twenty, it has since grown until this year where 6,000 members will compete over a two-month period for ultimate supremacy in the State of Hawaii.

This year we have a new predicted winner in John Favor-Rite is the favourite having clocked in the fastest time at the preliminaries and qualifying events. You can never rule out last year’s winner and three-time champion Jane “The Defier” Dogunder. Regardless of who wins we are all here to have some fun.

Although started by accident turtle racing has become a major event in the state of Hawaii with the final closing down the state completely due to the popularity and amount of people skipping previously arranged appointments. Last years event drew over 1,000,000 spectators over the two months and over 100 million watching on TV. Due to the increase in popularity the event coordinators are looking for volunteers to help. If you are interested please contact Erica Needsahand at

Also ticket prices have increased this year from the usual $2,000.00 USD to $2,500.00 USD. Get them now while you can before they sell out. The Event itself runs from November 1st and ends on December 31st. To learn more about this event please visit the Website

Joseph Bunn – Senior Editor

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Part 4: Top 10



Hello Everyone! Jay here and welcome back to the present. Now Today I thought I’d change it up a little bit and do something different. First off, I’m sorry about the beard I know it must look terrible but I promise it will be gone in a few days as Movember is almost over. Well me and my friends do Movembeard where we grow both Beards and Mustaches. But anyway, I thought it would be fun to bring you all along on a quick journey I like to Call Jay’s top 10. Basically, what this is, is I will be listing of my top 10 things of something and why it on the list where it is. Honestly guys I’ve been meaning to start one of these but I thought what a better way to do it than for a school project. Alright guys enough of me blabbing Here we go!

Top 10 List:

Things to do in Hawaii:

10: Whale Watching

Whale Watching is one of the greatest things about being around water. When in Hawaii there is no end to the amount of water creatures you can see. It’s incredible, people. But there is something that trumps (and I don’t mean Donald Trump) everything and that’s seeing a whale while on a boat. There is something special about Dolphin watching but there is just something extra special about seeing a whale breach the water if you don’t believe me check this out (Show the clip) Awesome, right?

9: Surfing

Number nine is surfing. Surfing is a big thing in countries with water. Now since many countries touch water we must narrow that down to the specifics and say places with warm waters or that we know have big waves Because I believe France has a time of the year off the coast where surfing is a thing…possibly? If someone knows the answer leave the answer down below. Surfing is very common world-wide so here are a few stats to get you in the mood or scare you off.

23 Million people surf World-Wide every year

The longest time surfing at a single time was 37 minutes

The most money made in a year surfing was 3 million dollars

The height of the biggest wave ever recorded was 1740ft

The most people to ever ride a surfboard at one time was 47

Now isn’t that cool? I mean Surfing all over the world is a pretty cool thing But in Hawaii it’s just awesome because it has different size waves for different times of the year and also for different ages or levels. The waves go from Advanced, and I mean really advanced to beginner.

8: Paddle-boarding

Now if you have a protective parent or feel you couldn’t quite hand surfing there is another option. This is very similar but you use a paddle instead. This is called paddle-boarding. Now this is what I like to call the dimmed down version of Surfing. Now please everyone, don’t feel bad if this is what you enjoy or want to do. That is not my intention at all Personally I prefer this because it means I can have paddle-board competitions with my brother. It’s terrific. So if you don’t want to go surfing but want to do something similar this is what you need to do!

7: Snorkeling

Hawaii is known for having so many different kinds of fish and so many kinds of wildlife. Especially in the ocean, So, have you ever wanted to go exploring under the sea? Not Little Mermaid style butjust on the surface basically lying on the water with a mask on and breathing through a giant tube? If this appeals to you then Snorkeling is what you want to do. Personally, I love snorkelling because it’s near the surface and much more of the wildlife is near the surface of the water instead of deeper down which is where Scuba diving comes into play!

6: Scuba Diving

If you want to go underneath the water for longer periods of time. Then skip snorkeling and go straight for Scuba diving! Back when I was in Grade 11 my class took a month-long trip to Vancouver Island and we all got our Suba Diving certificates…Well…Everyone except me because the day before the Scuba diving I got a major ear infection and it blew my ear drums so I couldn’t get my ear or head wet. It really sucked terribly because I couldn’t do the thing that the entire class had looked forward to all semester. But still just look up scuba diving and I guarantee you’ll want to get on a plane, fly to Hawaii and take your own lessons. Oh, and Did I mention, Once certified it never expires. That right it’s good for life! Pretty Neat Eh??

5: Eating Hawaiian Cuisine

Hawaii is stuck in the middle of nowhere, we all know this. But that doesn’t mean they can’t cook. I mean They can cook. I don’t know if any of you know what a Luau is but They are incredible. A Luau is a traditional Hawaiian party put on by locals and it involves music entertainment and dancing (usually) But that isn’t even the best part. The best part of it has to be the roast pig. I mean OMG I can’t even describe what it’s like! Essentially what it is, is a roast pig that has been cooked in a pit of rocks wrapped in leaves and seasoning. Usually they put it in the night before and it slowly cooks over the entire day. When done and if done correctly it is incredible. I mean sooooooo, good! I can’t even give you a proper example because of how good it is. If I had to try it would be like this, take the best steak you’ve ever had now imagine that but just melting in your mouth…I realize that sounds weird. Deal with it!

4: Visiting Iolani Palace

So in Hawaii there is a palace. This palace is quite famous. It’s called the Iolani palace. This palace is so majestic that it is almost indescribable. Like take every castle and palace you know and combine them. That’s how beautiful this place is. I don’t know a lot about it unfortunately guys but I know that it’s amazing and you should go check it out. I also know this. The TV series Hawaii 5-0 is filmed in the building as well. Now isn’t that interesting?

3: Observing the stars.

Want to see the stars? Have an interest in Astronomy? Well, when you go to Hawaii you basically have to walk outside your door at night and you can see the stars. There is the odd exception of course. When you’re in the heart of Honolulu it’s harder to see. But go anywhere outside a city and you can see the stars forever. I personally love going outside at night and looking at the stars. I’m also into Astrology a little bit so I can point out some of the constellations that we know today. A couple of fun facts for those of you interested. Hawaiian people have their own stories involving the constellations we know as Greek ones and also in Hawaii, it’s the one of the places near the equator so that means you can see both the North Star and the Southern Cross. The Southern cross is basically the South’s version of the North Star.

2: Watching the Sun Set

Now for the last two. These ones are so close that they could almost be interchangeable but one just outlasts the other. So number two on my list of top 10 things to do in Hawaii is Watch the sun set. Hawaii is known for having beautiful sunsets and This picture is no exception. If you wonder if it looks familiar that’s because it’s the same one just edited. But watching the Sunset in Hawaii is like watching a movie and seeing the stars appear is the credits. It’s just incredible. The thing with Experiences like this is you can’t copy them. You can’t describe them. You can try, but unless you’ve actually lived it you can’t say you’ve lived.

1: Visiting Pearl Harbour!

And Finally Number one! The number one thing you need to do in Hawaii is visit Pearl Harbour. It’s awesome. You get to explore the giant battleships you can explore a old submarine you can visit the Memorial of the USS Arizona. The USS Arizona which was sunk during the bombing of Pearl Harbour. The history you learn from the place is incredible. I want to go back and I know I will at some point…When? I don’t know but like with the Sunset unless you’ve lived it you haven’t seen anything yet! So go check it out!

Thanks for tuning in Guys I hope I convinced you to go to Hawaii at some point in your life!

Alright Travelers I’m taking off for now keep exploring and I will see you, in the not so distant future!

Part 5: Personal Experience

I’ve been to Hawaii twice in my life both times were in the winter and since I grew up in a cold place I admit it was nice to get away from the cold. When I was in Hawaii the first time we never left the big island which kind of sucked. The second time we went, and by we, I mean my younger brother, two sisters, my mom and me. When we went the second time we did leave the big island and went to Oahu for a week at the very end of the trip. Now that was an amazing experience.

Before we left for Oahu however, we spent two months on Hawaii (which is the name of the big island.) On the big island, we spent it exploring, going to beaches, visiting the observatory going to Volcano National Park and driving completely around the island from one side to the other and then around the rest. It was a surreal experience to say the least.

After we had done everything we wanted to on the big island, we decided we would go to Oahu for the final week because the big thing on mine and my brother’s list of things we wanted to do was go to Pearl Harbour! Our trip there was amazing, my brother turned into his five-year-old self again. My sisters were less thrilled but still were excited to see everything when they saw we were going to go in the USS Missouri.

In all it was an amazing trip to Hawaii! I couldn’t have asked for a better time. My family was awesome and we got to spend so much quality time together, because that was the last time we spent time together now that I’m in university. I’m so glad I got to go again and I will make a major effort to go back again sometime in the future, hopefully with my family!

You know It’s been over 3 years since I started this blog. I really thought that I would post more than I do. Maybe I’ll start trying to do that more often now. I’m not exactly sure how I want to do that…Posting in a blog is tough work. I upload much more frequently to YouTube now than I do this blog. I guess my life just gets in the way. But when you’re in your 20’s have work to worry about and a social life it can be stressful.

Besides it being over 3 years since I started this blog, it’s also been almost 2 years since I uploaded a post….December 28th, at 11:36 PM I believe the last date was…Anyway, I thought I’d just give a brief update on my life. Maybe not even my life…More just an update as to me just being alive for now and that I didn’t just drop off the face of the Earth….

Hopefully, everyone I upload more frequently now. School hasn’t quite started now and I’ve mostly caught up on my YouTubing. Another thing I need is ideas for YouTube Vids. So if anyone has any ideas please leave comments! Thanks

That’s all for now


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In a week today I will be on a couple of planes heading back to Kamloops. The first is the Air North plane that takes me to Vancouver where I will see my aunt for lunch (I think) before heading back to Kamloops on the Air Canada plane.

I tell you, it’s definitely been nice being home. Been a relaxing winter break. Got a lot of writing done, watched some movies and also done physio on my shoulder which is almost better. Still got one more physio session left next Tuesday but after that I’m pretty much done.

I’ve also over the past few days finally nailed out my schedule for the semester. It’s an interesting one but I’m looking forward to it as well. Let’s see, I’ve got two English courses, my final theatre acting class and Archaeology, which will be interesting. A quick note about the English courses. One of them will be my first attempt at the course the other will be my third attempt and I’d better freaking pass this time. I haven’t got much room to mess this up unless I want to be here for another 3 years. So I’m going to try my very best.

As for the Archaeology course, I think it will be interesting as it counts as one of the final two sciences I need to graduate. Unfortunately I can’t take the third because the courses I want to take for it aren’t actually offered this semester and all the Geography courses are already full. What I might consider doing is going and seeing if I can bump one of the other first year courses to take Geology. According to a friend its super easy, so I am really going to contemplate this.

And finally theatre, this is the final acting course that I am required to take. Now I can take 4th year next year as an elective to help with credits but I’m not sure at the moment. Next year I do have to take two more theatre courses. One was a course I took and failed already the other one is the 4th year directing course which is what I’m really looking forward to. But first I have to complete the 2nd half of third year. Part of it is something I’ve already done and that’s the directors festival or Dfest. It’s where the 4th year class picks a series of one act plays for the 3rd years to put on. I however did this last year because they were short on guys and needed people to audition. So this isn’t the first time I will have gone through this. It’s going to be interesting and I’m excited for the challenge this year. And like mentioned above, next year I get to direct one of the plays.

So that pretty much wraps up my coming up semester. I have goals set for each course and I’m going to do my utter best to pass them all. If I don’t then I’m going to really evaluate my options. But I’ll worry about that when I get there. For now I’m going to enjoy the semester.

Well, another Christmas come and gone. Every year I always expect surprises when it comes to gifts, and each year I’m less and less surprised. This year I think knew over 50% of my gifts. The thing though is I’m at the age where the gifts are more things I need rather than want. Eventually they will probably go back to being somewhat of a surprise, but for now I’m fine with just getting what I need. Hopefully I get my book more on track over the next little while and that helps me get my feet solidly under my feet.

So let’s see this year I got chocolate, socks (man did I need those.) Chocolate, new PJ’s, a beard trimmer, the HIMYM Complete Edition (click HERE for the review) oh and did I mention Chocolate? Yeah, lots of chocolate. Plus approximately $250.00 dollars. A good haul for such a small amount. That money is really going to come in handy. I’ve eaten about a quarter of the chocolate already as it gave me something to snack on while playing Age of Empires III today.

In general it was a good Christmas. I really enjoyed it it was quiet and relaxing. Nothing too special. Just an easy day with my mom and brother, and after a busy semester at University……I needed it for sure.

Next year though, we were casually discussing possibilities of what we might want to do. We were thinking a family trip instead of Christmas. We aren’t sure where yet but we were thinking Vancouver Island or something. I’d rather go to Hawai’i or California but Vancouver Island might be the best option. But that’s almost a year away and I’m looking forward one day at a time.

The Pixar Theory

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Jon Negroni

Every Pixar movie is connected. I explain how, and possibly why.

Several months ago, I watched a fun-filled video on that introduced the idea (at least to me) that all of the Pixar movies actually exist within the same universe. Since then, I’ve obsessed over this concept, working to complete what I call “The Pixar Theory,” a working narrative that ties all of the Pixar movies into one cohesive timeline with a main theme.

This theory covers every Pixar production since Toy Story. That includes:

  • A Bug’s Life
  • Toy Story 2
  • Monsters Inc.
  • Finding Nemo
  • The Incredibles
  • Cars
  • Ratatouille
  • Wall-E
  • Up
  • Toy Story 3
  • Cars 2
  • Brave
  • Monsters University

The point of this theory is to have fun and exercise your imagination while simultaneously finding interesting connections between these fantastic movies. If you hate fun and/or imagination, you probably won’t like this theory.

[SIDE NOTE: All text in…

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3rd year that is. Now I can tell right away that this year is going to be a lot different then what previous years held. Why? Because I’m at that age where arguing and caring are trivial when it comes to a university setting. I’d rather deal with school work at school then disappear from campus and do the stuff that we must do at home. For example I have a couple of new year resolutions (school resolutions that is) Each one is gong off on a totally different category but if I remember correctly some of these overlap from last years resolutions.

1. Pass every class this year.

Over the past couple of years I’ve failed four courses. I guess this is attributed to a few things but mostly because I didn’t put in the work necessary. I’m not going to make excuses this year I need to pass every class this year. And not only do I need to pass them I need to pass them big time.

2. Get my GPA over 3.0.

Now I know that this one is an extreme long shot as for this to happen I would have to average 90+ in every course through the Year and I know I’m sure as Hell not going to get that. So if I set the bar at say 2.5 and then get higher it means I succeed. Let’s see how this one works out.

3. Get a Girlfriend.

I posted this one as one of the goals for last year. I have to admit I was close for a while but it kind of fell apart quite quickly. We are on OK terms now but I doubt that we will ever go back to what we were before. Frankly I’m over her and I’m ready and on the hunt for someone new. I said last year that I was going to be less picky but then again I was just that. Part of me is like I don’t give a fuck, the other part is I really want a girlfriend. We will see where this one goes.

4. Get a Job.

This is not so much school related as it is Kamloops related. I’ve got to get a job this year otherwise I won’t survive money wise. I just can’t. I’ve got a good possibility of a few but it will only be until the spring when I can move onto the one at General Paint that I really want. I’m just curious as to how much that will pay me.

That’s all I can think of for now, if anymore pop up I will keep updating this post throughout the year.

Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about one of my favourite authors and role models; J. K. Rowling. But before we really take a look into what she is all about; (and I promise we will be getting into what she is all about.) First I’d like to take a look at someone else. That person is….Me of course.

Now like Rowling, I’ve always loved writing. If my mind serves me correctly I truly began writing stories back when I was about six. Which would have put me in grade one or two. The first big story I wrote was about three koala bears, which are in captivity and must escape from a fire that has broken out. That was my first big story. I never ended up finishing that story honestly. The reason I didn’t finish it was because I think I handed it in to my teacher to be marked and never got the book back. I think I asked about it once or twice but we never tracked it down. Sigh, such is life.

My second biggest story was a lot like the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. It was based around animals in forests exactly like that. The biggest difference there was that The names were different and the so were the ideas. Each one of them was slightly different. So in essence I couldn’t have been sued but I could have also been. That might sound odd but in essence here is what happened to that story.

From what I remember the first one was quite basic. I guess if you had to judge it you would have to say that it resembled Redwall the closest yet never actually was the same. That one if I remember correctly I wrote when I was 9-11 years old. Somewhere in that range. If you have read Redwall then you don’t really need to listen to an explanation. What happened to that one? Well it caused me much heartache and crying (apparently, according to my mother.) From what she said I guess I accidentally deleted the file with the whole novel on it. Yes, I had actually completed the entire manuscript.

I came up with one more idea, which I will talk about in a few minutes after I talk about Rowling. Let’s take a look at some of the facts that I know and can guess about. (Some I’m speculating and will update as I find the true information. Rowling started writing the Harry Potter series back in 1990. She spent about six years just planning the entire series. I don’t know what her outlines looked like honestly. Every author who has planned a book or novel series probably has had a different way of planning. When it was all said and done however you have to look at one impressive stat. It took her 17 years to complete the entire series. And look where it has gotten her. She goes from essentially living on welfare to being richer than the queen of England.

So, now that she is done someone else needs to step up and try and take her place as the next big writer of the next bestseller book series. Some people have tried Stephanie Meyer with the Twilight Saga, Rick Riordan with Percy Jackson and the Olympians and I’m sure others have attempted it. But none have come close to the amount of success that she has had. Now, maybe its because the series haven’t been marketed the same way or something. But in essence none have come close.

I’m sure you all want me to tell you the answer but please like/share/comment below the post.

Now on July 20th, 2007 arrived I went down to the local book store to buy the final installment of Harry Potter I went to sleep after about five chapters of reading and I had a dream. Now dreams are funny things because you can have the most amazing dream ever and not remember it at all. I however remembered this dream. When I woke the next morning I never even looked at Harry Potter and immediately started planning the novel series in which this post is ultimately all about.

Each novel series starts with a basic synopsis. Going back to Harry Potter references J.K. Rowling’s idea went something like this “Boy wizard doesn’t know he’s a wizard goes to wizarding school and fights the greatest dark wizard of all time.” I’m not saying that’s how she first wrote the synopsis but it would be an accurate guess. My synopsis goes along the lines of

3 children get transported to another world and must help their friends accomplish their goals while trying to find a way home.

That is a basic synopsis of what the goal of my three main characters.Now it’s a lot more complicated than that as during the time they are in the world they must help certain people fulfill certain tasks and in doing so help them get slightly closer to finding the way home. But it isn’t until later in the series that they realize that it isn’t 100% accurate and they must essentially start over but not completely.

Many of my friends have said that it’s a great idea. It has taken me over seven years to plan. But to be fair you have to add in a social life, school, sports and other commitments. So, if I were to reduce the amount of actual planning into consecutive days I would say that it has taken me a solid three years. I won’t actually say anymore about my series here and let you ponder my synopsis and tell me if it is an idea that intrigues you.

Please comment with your answers and I will post replies to them.

Cheers everyone,


Some people struggle with a social life, some with work. Others struggle with the course load and commitment needed to help you succeed in school. But, that commitment in one department means that you must make sacrifices in other areas of your world. For me it’s a complicated situation. School isn’t my strongest point. I know and admit that. Well I won’t say school in general I’ll say that tests aren’t my strongest point. It sucks because unlike some people I enjoy university learning.

When it comes to exams in university, I suck. I freak out I usually don’t know what to do or my brain blanks. My other biggest flaw is getting started on final projects. I hate it so much. I want to do I really do. I just stress so much that it causes me to do badly.

Anyway onto the point of this. I’ve had to make many sacrifices this semester, including skipping events with my roommates. I know that maybe I should stop being so busy with theatre stuff and focus more on my friends. But in all honesty I consider my theatre friends closer to me then my roommates at this point.

I guess I spend so much time with theatre stuff because I have to Stage Manage Directors Festival. What is Directors Festival? Well Directors Festival or D-Fest as most of us in the theatre department call it. This has taken up a lot of my time. I’ve had to put together this binder with all the scripts to every play in the show for Night B.

This is definitely the toughest test I’ve had to endure this year because it’s taken so much time and is still going to take so much more. But All I can say here is bring it on…!

A stratagem; a plan or scheme to deceive someone or something. That aside The Beaux Stratagem – by George Farquhar opens tonight at the TRU Actors Workshop Theatre. The play is about two young gentlemen Archer and Aimwell, who devise a stratagem to travel from place to place deceiving young women and taking their money. However this stratagem goes terribly wrong. Both Archer and Aimwell fall in love for real. This play is going to be a great combination of comedy, drama, and hilariously inappropriate jokes.

I am really excited to open this show. I have the pleasure ‘again’ of running the lighting board. (For this show only though.) This is always fun because you get to observe the audience’s reactions for the first time.Until this point you can only laugh at the parts you think are funny but you can never really tell. I anticipate however that most of the places that I have laughed will be laughed at as well.

The Sweet Cherry, the ship the play takes place on

The Sweet Cherry, the ship the play takes place on.

Aside from Archer and Aimwell, this story centers around a highly disfunctional couple in Mr. and Mrs. Sullen. Mr. Sullen is always drunk which causes his wife to be upset most of the time. Aimwell falls for Mr. Sullen’s sister Dorinda, while Archer falls for Mrs. Sullen. This throws a major loop in their plan as even though Mrs. Sullen is reluctant at first she begins to fall for Archer.

Mr. Sullen and Dorinda’s mother Lady Bountiful is this crazy woman who loves to use her “medicinal powers” to help people. However, her “medicinal” ways may not have the strongest effect as like stated earlier she tends to be slightly crazy.

Over the course of the story Archer and Aimwell realize after a while that they both love Mrs. Sullen and Dorinda. They also hear of a plan to rob Lady Bountiful. Because they start to feel guilty and more loyal to Dorinda and Mrs. Sullen. So along with their own plan they decide to protect Lady Bountiful from being robbed by this guy named Gloss.

I haven’t told all the details here, why? Because I don’t want to give away the plot line to those who have yet to see it. Oh wait, that’s most of you. Having already seen this play multiple times I can say that most of you will love it. I can only hope it brings you as much entertainment as it did me when I first watched it. I still have moments when I burst out laughing because of places I find absolutely hilarious.

As much as I would love to keep writing about this fabulous play. I will leave you off wondering this. Do Archer and Aimwell find true love? Come watch the show at the Actors Workshop Theatre Feb.27,28, and Mar. 1st Along with Mar. 6,7,8 at 7:00pm. Tickets are $12.00 at the Box Office. Come and enjoy the show everyone.