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You know It’s been over 3 years since I started this blog. I really thought that I would post more than I do. Maybe I’ll start trying to do that more often now. I’m not exactly sure how I want to do that…Posting in a blog is tough work. I upload much more frequently to YouTube now than I do this blog. I guess my life just gets in the way. But when you’re in your 20’s have work to worry about and a social life it can be stressful.

Besides it being over 3 years since I started this blog, it’s also been almost 2 years since I uploaded a post….December 28th, at 11:36 PM I believe the last date was…Anyway, I thought I’d just give a brief update on my life. Maybe not even my life…More just an update as to me just being alive for now and that I didn’t just drop off the face of the Earth….

Hopefully, everyone I upload more frequently now. School hasn’t quite started now and I’ve mostly caught up on my YouTubing. Another thing I need is ideas for YouTube Vids. So if anyone has any ideas please leave comments! Thanks

That’s all for now


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Well, another Christmas come and gone. Every year I always expect surprises when it comes to gifts, and each year I’m less and less surprised. This year I think knew over 50% of my gifts. The thing though is I’m at the age where the gifts are more things I need rather than want. Eventually they will probably go back to being somewhat of a surprise, but for now I’m fine with just getting what I need. Hopefully I get my book more on track over the next little while and that helps me get my feet solidly under my feet.

So let’s see this year I got chocolate, socks (man did I need those.) Chocolate, new PJ’s, a beard trimmer, the HIMYM Complete Edition (click HERE for the review) oh and did I mention Chocolate? Yeah, lots of chocolate. Plus approximately $250.00 dollars. A good haul for such a small amount. That money is really going to come in handy. I’ve eaten about a quarter of the chocolate already as it gave me something to snack on while playing Age of Empires III today.

In general it was a good Christmas. I really enjoyed it it was quiet and relaxing. Nothing too special. Just an easy day with my mom and brother, and after a busy semester at University……I needed it for sure.

Next year though, we were casually discussing possibilities of what we might want to do. We were thinking a family trip instead of Christmas. We aren’t sure where yet but we were thinking Vancouver Island or something. I’d rather go to Hawai’i or California but Vancouver Island might be the best option. But that’s almost a year away and I’m looking forward one day at a time.

A stratagem; a plan or scheme to deceive someone or something. That aside The Beaux Stratagem – by George Farquhar opens tonight at the TRU Actors Workshop Theatre. The play is about two young gentlemen Archer and Aimwell, who devise a stratagem to travel from place to place deceiving young women and taking their money. However this stratagem goes terribly wrong. Both Archer and Aimwell fall in love for real. This play is going to be a great combination of comedy, drama, and hilariously inappropriate jokes.

I am really excited to open this show. I have the pleasure ‘again’ of running the lighting board. (For this show only though.) This is always fun because you get to observe the audience’s reactions for the first time.Until this point you can only laugh at the parts you think are funny but you can never really tell. I anticipate however that most of the places that I have laughed will be laughed at as well.

The Sweet Cherry, the ship the play takes place on

The Sweet Cherry, the ship the play takes place on.

Aside from Archer and Aimwell, this story centers around a highly disfunctional couple in Mr. and Mrs. Sullen. Mr. Sullen is always drunk which causes his wife to be upset most of the time. Aimwell falls for Mr. Sullen’s sister Dorinda, while Archer falls for Mrs. Sullen. This throws a major loop in their plan as even though Mrs. Sullen is reluctant at first she begins to fall for Archer.

Mr. Sullen and Dorinda’s mother Lady Bountiful is this crazy woman who loves to use her “medicinal powers” to help people. However, her “medicinal” ways may not have the strongest effect as like stated earlier she tends to be slightly crazy.

Over the course of the story Archer and Aimwell realize after a while that they both love Mrs. Sullen and Dorinda. They also hear of a plan to rob Lady Bountiful. Because they start to feel guilty and more loyal to Dorinda and Mrs. Sullen. So along with their own plan they decide to protect Lady Bountiful from being robbed by this guy named Gloss.

I haven’t told all the details here, why? Because I don’t want to give away the plot line to those who have yet to see it. Oh wait, that’s most of you. Having already seen this play multiple times I can say that most of you will love it. I can only hope it brings you as much entertainment as it did me when I first watched it. I still have moments when I burst out laughing because of places I find absolutely hilarious.

As much as I would love to keep writing about this fabulous play. I will leave you off wondering this. Do Archer and Aimwell find true love? Come watch the show at the Actors Workshop Theatre Feb.27,28, and Mar. 1st Along with Mar. 6,7,8 at 7:00pm. Tickets are $12.00 at the Box Office. Come and enjoy the show everyone.

**When I know a post is going to be really long or on a topic I like to talk about will be broken down into separate parts now. This is to help you so you as readers have a easier time differentiating my thoughts**

Everyone wants a relationship. It’s the fact and desire of most people in life. Most people will admit that they think they know relationships. How to handle them. How to approach them. The fact of the matter is we are all learning. Every 2nd of every day we learn something new about our relationships. Do you agree? (Leave a comment below with your answer.) But sometimes we think we know more or everything about our own relationships. Well for all of you out there who think that. Sorry for disappointing you but we don’t, we never will.

So what’s my point? My point is that Relationships are complicated. Anyone who says different is either a fool or a liar. It doesn’t have to be a relationship with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Relationships with parents and siblings are just as important. If you can’t have an honest relationship with your parents then what’s the point in trying to maintain a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Is it impossible for you to pull this off? No, it’s not.You can make relationships work against your parents or your siblings will. Your parents might hate your boyfriend or girlfriend, they might despise them and their guts. But what matters more then that is how you perceive each other in the relationship. If you can work with your boyfriend or girlfriend and your parents can learn to accept them, (which in most cases they eventually do) I believe you will be fine.

Not every relationship will end up working out. Sometimes couples break up. whether it be after days, months, weeks, years, and even after marriage. It’s always tough and every relationship has a different toll on us. Ones that are longer are harder to get over.I read somewhere or heard something a couple of years ago that it takes just as long to get over someone as you went out with that person. To make this clear. If you dated someone for 2 years, it would take your 2 years to get over that person.Makes sense?

Relationships throw us hurdles. It’s up to us to jump them and keep pressing. Never forget that When it comes to relationships just remember that every moment counts and never pass up the opportunity to find that dream relationship. Keep fighting guys!

In the next post I will talk more about my relationships and what effect they have had on me. I will be posting photo’s along the way of special quotes I’ve found from the Relationship Truths page on Facebook. (So I took the photo’s of the quotes but I do NOT own them. I end now with a quote of my own that I have carried with me for years.

Love is a mystery in the eyes of everyone; never truly discovered, only found by two people.

For Part II Click HERE


**When I know a post is going to be really long or on a topic I like to talk about will be broken down into separate parts now. This is to help you so you as readers have a easier time differentiating my thoughts**

Part II:

Its really sad when both guys/girls have to say this.

Its really sad when both guys/girls have to say this.

In my life I’ve been full of disappointment. I can honestly say that now I’m at the point in my life where I haven’t decided if I care or not. “I’m used to it.” Nobody in life should have to say this. But unfortunately it happens. More than you think. Being hurt by relationships hurts and it hurts big time. That I don’t think I need to stress to anyone. It sucks. Most of us have been there and will definitely be there again. I know that I will be. But just because we get hurt doesn’t mean that we should stop trying. Because regardless of if you get hurt or not, there is always going to be someone out there that is right for you.


1 Song is all it takes to change the outlook of a relationship.

Do you ever miss someone so much that every time you play a certain song it reminds you of them? (I almost wrote them of you, I must be tired if I’m making simple mistakes) I know I do. For me it’s Hey Girl by Billy Currington (attached below.) Every time I hear this song it makes me think of what could have been between the said person and myself. But as I can’t go back to the way we were before it’s definitely harder to do for sure. It also makes me think of one question that I have asked myself in every relationship. “Where did I mess up?” That is the one question that i ask myself constantly. It’s also the answer that I get the toughest answers to. What I mean by that is, when I ask that question the person I ask often doesn’t want to answer the question. I still haven’t received a complete answer from the last one. I’m hoping to however. For that however you have to read a previous post.

Referring back to that previous post. This can go for most of my relationships. I haven’t had the greatest of lucks keeping them. But once in them I’ve managed to keep Girlfriend’s for over 2 years. So in essence I haven’t dated much but I definitely know what I’m doing to keep girls around for over 2 years each. But once you break up it’s slightly more complicated. Depending on the method of breaking up.IMG_1696 If it’s a bad break up you don’t want to remember anything about the person you’ve broken up with. But it’s so hard to let go completely, isn’t it? Memories are precious things guys. Don’t lose the important ones. When my first Girlfriend and I broke up we hated each other. It was a bad breakup. We didn’t speak for maybe 6 months. After we got over the worst of our feelings we both ended up seeking closure. After we managed to gain that we went on our separate ways. But the memories that we shared lasted for a long time. I wanted to forget them really bad but I couldn’t. Some of them faded but as we all know when a significant event happens to us we have a hard time ignoring or forgetting that. Good or bad. So despite the memories that still haunt me they are overridden by memories I want to keep.

My 2nd relationship was better. We did end on rough terms but we still ended up being good friends. We don’t talk quite as much as we use to but the memories I remember are still there. There are times when I wish they didn’t happen when it twinges at my heart but other times I don’t regret what happened for a second. Lately we haven’t been speaking because there is one thing that forgot after we broke up is that she is extremely sensitive. Especially to certain things. Most of our memories were special. Especially the ones where we got intimate. Those ones were always special.

We would create our own little world and that created some of the best experiences that I have ever had in my world. They were amazing. What we would do is create a story where we started as people our current age but then fast forward to where we were married and have kids. We would create multiple scenarios and everything. It was quite nice. After awhile though that got old is where we started to fall apart. One fight after another. Days of not texting. That sort of thing. It made for a living Hell for a while.

You see if you get to know me, and I mean super well you will find that I sometimes won’t show it but I am incredibly friendly and nice. I try to be friendly and polite in general but if you really get to know me I am an incredibly sweet person. Most my friends will say that themselves but be warned. I can turn quite nasty if I have to be. I’m not usually nasty but give me the opportunity and I will not make you super happy. Given what I have just said, it takes a lot for me to get to the point of wanting to hurl insults back at people.

So to end off this section of the posts. I haven’t had many relationships but when I am in one they last an incredibly long time. But the last time I was in a relationship was when I was 15. So over 7 years ago now. It sucks being single because you can get incredibly rusty. I thought for a little while I found someone who was different but as it turns out I was wrong. Sometimes I think that the single life is the only life I’m going to have by the end of my life.

Stay tuned for Part III in a few days, or weeks, or even a month depending how busy I am

Thanks for reading guys


First off I’d just like to say, ‘Welcome to Canada,’ no, let’s take it a bit further and say ‘Welcome to British Columbia (BC),’ even further, ‘Welcome to the Thompson-Nicola Region of BC,’ and even further ‘Welcome to Kamloops, BC!’ For those of you who are new to Canada, BC, the Thompson-Nicola Region or even Kamloops this applies to you. For those of you who live in Canada, BC, Thompson-Nicola Region, or Kamloops, thanks for tuning in.

Before Kamloops was established the Secwepemc people (Sushwap) shared the area with the Cree-Saulteaux people. When David Stuart and Alexander Ross set out from Fort Astoria which at the time was a Pacific Fur Company they established a trading post known as ‘Fort Cumcloups’. Over time rival trading companies began to merge. Eventually all of these became known as Fort Kamloops.

Downtown Kamloops

Downtown Kamloops

Over time Kamloops began to grow until 1893 when it became known as The City of Kamloops with a population of about 500 people. Fast forward 118 years and you will find the population has grown from 500 to ~85,700 people. The word “Kamloops” comes from the Sushwap word “Tk’əmlúps” which means ‘meeting of the waters.’ To learn more about the history of Kamloops you can click HERE or HERE. Or vist The City of Kamloops page to learn more.

But this post isn’t so much about Kamloops, but what lies inside Kamloops in the form of a small university called Thompson Rivers University. Again, instead of me going into the vast history of Cariboo College or TRU click HERE to learn more. Thompson Rivers University or TRU as students here call it is an excellent university. It’s not huge like say UBC (University of British Columbia) or McGill over in Quebec. But considering the size of Kamloops to the amount of University students is quite a nice size. UBC has about 70,000 people in total (staff and students.) TRU has about 13,700 in total (staff and students.)

So why am I writing this post? Well, maybe this movie will show you why?

Does that not show you what a university experience should look like? I’m looking directly at those in Whitehorse where I grew up. TRU is a fantastic place and I’ve loved most of my experiences here. It’s a wonderful place to come if you want to experience University like I have but not want to go to something huge. Now I can understand that some people prefer to go to places that have better connections. And coming from the Yukon I do understand that UBC, the University of Lethbridge (UofL) and University of Victoria (UVIC.) But I know that you’ll love TRU if you are willing to give it a chance.

The Campus is great, it has nine main buildings. Each one most TRU students shorten to initials when we text each to save us having to write out each building as some of the names are quite long. The buildings are the Campus Activity Center or CAC, Arts and Education or AE, International Building or IB, The Brown House of Learning or HOL, Old Main or OM. Old Main was actually the original Cariboo College building back when it was established in 1970. It also has the Science building or S, Clock Tower or CT and Trades and Technology or T&T.

Each building is unique as it holds different classes in each one. As you can guess AE would hold lots of English, Philosophy kind of courses. IB has has lecture halls and usually holds all the bigger classes. This can range in many subjects. The HOL is interesting because it holds many uses. It has a huge lecture hall, a library, offices, a computer lab, and a Tim Horton’s.

Campus Activity Center

Campus Activity Center

And I tell you the Timmies line up is insane most of the time. OM has a combination of most subjects as well as Starbucks. OM is usually where offices, the clinic, the registrar and other places are. It also holds the black box theatre which is where most of my classes are. The CT has the big lecture halls and more classrooms. The Science building is pretty self explanatory as is the T&T building.

Right in the middle of AE, IB, HOL and CAC is what students call Campus Commons. It’s a big open area where in September and October when it’s still quite nice out students hang out with friends. Lots of times during the warm months I’ve seen as many as 100 students lounging around enjoying the sun. It’s also a great place to play catch, frisbee or other games if you have the time.

Campus Commons

Campus Commons

I personally go there when I can to enjoy the sun. In the winter it can be a bit annoying to walk from say the CT to AE, which are on opposite sides of campus. Despite the small nature of the university it can still take over 10 minutes to get from one class to another. That usually isn’t the case however.

TRU also has a variety of housing arrangements, close to or actually on campus. There is the Residence or New Rez. Then you have On Campus Housing or Old Rez. Both of which are on campus. And finally Upper College Heights which is just off of campus. Most people tend to want to move out of New Rez after one year there because it turns into such a gong show. I don’t know about Old Rez and Upper College heights isn’t bad honestly.

TRU New Residence

TRU New Residence

The dorms when it’s super hot still are unbearably hot. But I’m not trying to sway your decision. Personally I think everyone should experience Residence at least once in their life time. I mean what’s university without a little Hell right?

My suggestion if you are trying to decide where to go? I would suggest New Rez. It maybe crazy, loud, and outrageously expensive but out of the 3 it is by far the nicest. Besides New Rez comes equipped with a TV, cable and internet. So you never have to worry about Internet bills. (All the free downloading you could want!!!!) I can’t say if Old Rez is bad as I have never lived there. But Upper College heights is a no go for me next year.

Now let’s approach this a little differently. Let’s go into some of my experiences here at TRU. I’ve had some amazing times here in Kamloops and some not so good ones. I’ve made plenty of amazing friends. In general I’ve enjoyed my classes. Some more than others. I’ve also been on the losing end of a couple of potential relationships. It’s been extremely hard, but in life you may get knocked down. But when you do you must learn to get back up. However, you never can know you just might meet your future partner. It’s where a lot of partners actually meet.

Obviously, every year people can and will go through a rough patch. I recently dug myself out a seven year rough patch. That story is for later. Last year I felt I was playing referee and councillor to a ton of my friends in New Rez. Another negative thing by the way. That’s one reason I moved out of Rez.

But in all I feel that it was a good move coming here to Kamloops and Thompson Rivers University. I have amazing friends, I’m enjoying my classes and every day presents a new challenge. I’m not saying make up your mind right now, but do consider possibly giving it a chance. You never know you’ll be surprised as to what you find…….

Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry for the delay everyone. I’ve been a little distracted with other things. Things along the line of girl issues, being really sick, and a social life. Well OK, maybe not a social life given how I’ve been really sick. But, in general you get what I’m talking about.

Anyway, this past November my roommate and I took on the challenge of growing beards for Movember. Movember is November for those of you who can’t do the conversion calendar wise (My brother.) Now I’m not going to say that my beard was the best. In fact after a couple of weeks or so it was starting to get quite scratchy. I didn’t think I minded facial hair. But the mustache kinda got to me after three weeks. But it’s a sacrifice I guess you have to make when you are doing it for a good cause.

Movember 2013: Day 1

Movember 2013: Day 1

From days 1-5 you can’t really tell a difference in appearance. By day 5 you can see the bare traces of a 5’o-clock shadow appear. For the first 3 photo’s I will have my shirt off as I was taking the pictures as soon as I was getting out of the shower.At the time I was doing it because a friend liked seeing me with no shirt on. (Was that too much?) After that you will see me in different shirts. I apologize if some of the wording and the line make it hard to see my beautiful face (:P Just Kidding.)

Movember 2013: Day 5

Movember 2013: Day 5

You can really see what I mean by day 5. Day 5 really shows the 5 O’clock shadow. Personally when it gets to this point I still don’t mind it. In fact I think it gives me some character makes me seem more grown up. Funny how I say that and yet I’m completely bragging about myself. Weird how that works. By day 5 usually my stubble has grown out enough that people start to notice it.And that it feels scratchy on my hand.

Movember 2013: Day 10

Movember 2013: Day 10

By day 10 you can definitely see the traces of my beard coming out. Usually by this point my mustache starts to get a little scratchy. Which is why I’m not a huge fan of mustaches but don’t mind beards. My favourite type of beard however is chinstraps. I think that they look cool and are professional. Another thing that I just noticed about the picture is that my hair gets longer in each one. (Well obviously, hair can’t stop growing) Let’s take a look at day 15.

Movember 2013: Day 15

Movember 2013: Day 15

And Voila! We have me in a shirt. I’m sorry if the pictures are a bit hard to see. I was using my snapchat camera which isn’t the greatest thing in the world. Whoa! There is a HUGE difference between Days 10-15. I guess my beard decided that it wanted to fill in all at once. In this pic you can almost start to see hair fill in my cheek bones as well. Starting to look kind of freaky actually. Don’t you agree?

Movember 2013: Day 20

Movember 2013: Day 20

Talk about FREAKKKYYYYY! It’s a beard. Would you look at that. It was right about this time actually that I started to get a bit annoyed by the mustache because it dripped down into my upper lip. Plus it tickled my noes slightly

Movember 2013: Day 25

Movember 2013: Day 25

I’m sorry this one isn’t great but it’s the only one I took from day 25. It was actually day 26. I forgot my phone at a friends house so I only got it back that day. Honestly I think the worst bit about that picture is the hair. Was it ever getting long at that point. I should really get more haircuts. But I guess I’m just too lazy to spend the money.

Movember 2013: Day 30

Movember 2013: Day 30

And finally Day 30. It was a slog and I definitely didn’t look great as my mother constantly told me during our Skype calls. I ignored her though on this part. At the end of Movember I asked many of my female friends who I spent a lot of time around if I looked OK. Most of them said it didn’t look too bad. I think some of them were lying as they couldn’t say it directly to my face when they said it. But regardless it was worth it.

Shaving it however that was a slog. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture on here. But if I remember when I’m on my other laptop I will upload it at the bottom.

Hope you all enjoyed my review of Movember. I promise I won’t keep track next year. Once is enough for me.

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

We all make mistakes. It’s a fact of being human. Everyone does it. I guess when you take into consideration that when people write blogs they write about personal stuff. Is that stuff sometimes questionable. Maybe it’s not the questionable, but how you broadcast that post to the public is how it can backfire on you.

If you all refer to my previous post “The New Me” I said some questionable things. I edited those things out to keep it more neutral. Let’s say that I don’t really know what happened and what came over me. I wrote that post back in November actually. It was right about the time that I was really upset and mad at life during a stretch I was going through. Don’t worry everyone I’m not going to off the deep end here. I worked it out.

That said to close out 2013 I was sick. Not outrageously but enough that my mother took me to the hospital. After that adventure I was seriously contemplating if I was going to come back for this semester. I was and am still feeling the side effects of it slightly. Kind of like a seriously long hangover if you ask me. But anyway, I was like if I get sick I’m going to be sick in Kamloops because being with my friends is much more important to me then staying stuck at home. In the end I think this will be the end I want.

However, that is not ruling out next year. I don’t honestly know what I want to do next year. I’m going to start looking in the newspapers and everything for places around Kamloops and jobs around here. Because I’d like to be in this region even if I’m not in school. But that’s a ways away yet. Essentially I am keeping myself steady by going day by day. Because I still am kind of confused as to what I want to do in university.

So….Let’s move forwards to 2014 shall we? (Wow 2014! It’s incredible. Many people didn’t expect us to live past 2012. (Serves them fools right) I’m really starting to feel old here.) 2014 started out better but then yesterday I got a bit of news. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to turn miserable like I was last time it happened. So let’s say that I am really banking on a good friend to bail me out of this one. Let’s say she is either going to be my saviour or my failure. (High standards no?)

Since I can’t really remember what the beginning of 2013 was like I can only guess that it was kind of like this one. However I do remember my birthday more clearly than the rest of the month. I will be putting this all into a different post that I hope will help you all understand. For those of you who want to read it will require a password which I will supply to those brave enough to dare to read it.

In all I really hope my birthday this year goes more smoothly than my one from last year. But to be blatantly honest…….I’d rather skip my birthday all together. I just don’t like celebrating them that much.

Take care for now everyone,