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In a week today I will be on a couple of planes heading back to Kamloops. The first is the Air North plane that takes me to Vancouver where I will see my aunt for lunch (I think) before heading back to Kamloops on the Air Canada plane.

I tell you, it’s definitely been nice being home. Been a relaxing winter break. Got a lot of writing done, watched some movies and also done physio on my shoulder which is almost better. Still got one more physio session left next Tuesday but after that I’m pretty much done.

I’ve also over the past few days finally nailed out my schedule for the semester. It’s an interesting one but I’m looking forward to it as well. Let’s see, I’ve got two English courses, my final theatre acting class and Archaeology, which will be interesting. A quick note about the English courses. One of them will be my first attempt at the course the other will be my third attempt and I’d better freaking pass this time. I haven’t got much room to mess this up unless I want to be here for another 3 years. So I’m going to try my very best.

As for the Archaeology course, I think it will be interesting as it counts as one of the final two sciences I need to graduate. Unfortunately I can’t take the third because the courses I want to take for it aren’t actually offered this semester and all the Geography courses are already full. What I might consider doing is going and seeing if I can bump one of the other first year courses to take Geology. According to a friend its super easy, so I am really going to contemplate this.

And finally theatre, this is the final acting course that I am required to take. Now I can take 4th year next year as an elective to help with credits but I’m not sure at the moment. Next year I do have to take two more theatre courses. One was a course I took and failed already the other one is the 4th year directing course which is what I’m really looking forward to. But first I have to complete the 2nd half of third year. Part of it is something I’ve already done and that’s the directors festival or Dfest. It’s where the 4th year class picks a series of one act plays for the 3rd years to put on. I however did this last year because they were short on guys and needed people to audition. So this isn’t the first time I will have gone through this. It’s going to be interesting and I’m excited for the challenge this year. And like mentioned above, next year I get to direct one of the plays.

So that pretty much wraps up my coming up semester. I have goals set for each course and I’m going to do my utter best to pass them all. If I don’t then I’m going to really evaluate my options. But I’ll worry about that when I get there. For now I’m going to enjoy the semester.

Well, another Christmas come and gone. Every year I always expect surprises when it comes to gifts, and each year I’m less and less surprised. This year I think knew over 50% of my gifts. The thing though is I’m at the age where the gifts are more things I need rather than want. Eventually they will probably go back to being somewhat of a surprise, but for now I’m fine with just getting what I need. Hopefully I get my book more on track over the next little while and that helps me get my feet solidly under my feet.

So let’s see this year I got chocolate, socks (man did I need those.) Chocolate, new PJ’s, a beard trimmer, the HIMYM Complete Edition (click HERE for the review) oh and did I mention Chocolate? Yeah, lots of chocolate. Plus approximately $250.00 dollars. A good haul for such a small amount. That money is really going to come in handy. I’ve eaten about a quarter of the chocolate already as it gave me something to snack on while playing Age of Empires III today.

In general it was a good Christmas. I really enjoyed it it was quiet and relaxing. Nothing too special. Just an easy day with my mom and brother, and after a busy semester at University……I needed it for sure.

Next year though, we were casually discussing possibilities of what we might want to do. We were thinking a family trip instead of Christmas. We aren’t sure where yet but we were thinking Vancouver Island or something. I’d rather go to Hawai’i or California but Vancouver Island might be the best option. But that’s almost a year away and I’m looking forward one day at a time.

Hello Everyone,

First off before we start this post I’d like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

So to start:

I’m sorry to everyone, if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the past month essentially. The thing is, when I went back home, to the Yukon for Christmas I didn’t really want to deal with anyone. Or anything for that matter. I just wanted to sit at home and play Xbox through the holidays. Also another reason I wanted to just ignore everything is to see if I could get over how I feel about this one girl I like.

My stress level has gone down considerably and I have moved on (hopefully) I will still have to deal with seeing her everyday but I think I can bear that because I know that I will never be the one for her. This is a tricky situation however, because I honestly don’t know what happened between the 2 of us. So I have a friend of mine trying to dig out the information I need to possibly mend the relationship.

I do have some New Year Resolutions however. They aren’t huge ones but they matter regardless.

Number 1: Get a Girlfriend. Yes, that is the big one. I’ve had two so far in my life each relationship has lasted 2.5 years. Which during High school is pretty good. I thought I had something going with this chick but that didn’t exactly pan out. I think I have a plan as to how to do this but I will see how it works. Anything is possible in 365 days.

Number 2: Do better in school. I guess for me this is a major challenge. I’ve always done the best I can in school. What has always been my downfall is exams. I do great on assignments, homework and other stuff. But the exam bit…..That’s where my downfall always has been and probably always will be.

Number 3: Most people think that talking about yourself is a bad thing. However, I have so many friends I’ve listened to over the years that I’ve kept my emotions bottled up inside me. Now I think that it’s time I found someone and it’s my turn to bitch.I’m not saying all the time. I’m just saying that when I need to talk I think instead of saying everything is fine I will say no it’s not and try and talk about it like I originally want.

Number 4: This is the one that I think will be hardest to accomplish but I think that if I work hard at it I can do it. The resolution is to get the first book of my novel series published. I know school and work will take up time but I think that if I really work at it. Maybe spend an hour or so a day I should be able to put together a novel that will sell decently.

My Goal for the resolutions is to accomplish 1,2, and 4. 3 is a bit of a wild card because it all depends on the day and what has happened. That sort of thing. So all I can say is Bring it on 2014!

Talk to you guys in a few days


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