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**When I know a post is going to be really long or on a topic I like to talk about will be broken down into separate parts now. This is to help you so you as readers have a easier time differentiating my thoughts**

Everyone wants a relationship. It’s the fact and desire of most people in life. Most people will admit that they think they know relationships. How to handle them. How to approach them. The fact of the matter is we are all learning. Every 2nd of every day we learn something new about our relationships. Do you agree? (Leave a comment below with your answer.) But sometimes we think we know more or everything about our own relationships. Well for all of you out there who think that. Sorry for disappointing you but we don’t, we never will.

So what’s my point? My point is that Relationships are complicated. Anyone who says different is either a fool or a liar. It doesn’t have to be a relationship with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Relationships with parents and siblings are just as important. If you can’t have an honest relationship with your parents then what’s the point in trying to maintain a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Is it impossible for you to pull this off? No, it’s not.You can make relationships work against your parents or your siblings will. Your parents might hate your boyfriend or girlfriend, they might despise them and their guts. But what matters more then that is how you perceive each other in the relationship. If you can work with your boyfriend or girlfriend and your parents can learn to accept them, (which in most cases they eventually do) I believe you will be fine.

Not every relationship will end up working out. Sometimes couples break up. whether it be after days, months, weeks, years, and even after marriage. It’s always tough and every relationship has a different toll on us. Ones that are longer are harder to get over.I read somewhere or heard something a couple of years ago that it takes just as long to get over someone as you went out with that person. To make this clear. If you dated someone for 2 years, it would take your 2 years to get over that person.Makes sense?

Relationships throw us hurdles. It’s up to us to jump them and keep pressing. Never forget that When it comes to relationships just remember that every moment counts and never pass up the opportunity to find that dream relationship. Keep fighting guys!

In the next post I will talk more about my relationships and what effect they have had on me. I will be posting photo’s along the way of special quotes I’ve found from the Relationship Truths page on Facebook. (So I took the photo’s of the quotes but I do NOT own them. I end now with a quote of my own that I have carried with me for years.

Love is a mystery in the eyes of everyone; never truly discovered, only found by two people.

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**When I know a post is going to be really long or on a topic I like to talk about will be broken down into separate parts now. This is to help you so you as readers have a easier time differentiating my thoughts**

Part II:

Its really sad when both guys/girls have to say this.

Its really sad when both guys/girls have to say this.

In my life I’ve been full of disappointment. I can honestly say that now I’m at the point in my life where I haven’t decided if I care or not. “I’m used to it.” Nobody in life should have to say this. But unfortunately it happens. More than you think. Being hurt by relationships hurts and it hurts big time. That I don’t think I need to stress to anyone. It sucks. Most of us have been there and will definitely be there again. I know that I will be. But just because we get hurt doesn’t mean that we should stop trying. Because regardless of if you get hurt or not, there is always going to be someone out there that is right for you.


1 Song is all it takes to change the outlook of a relationship.

Do you ever miss someone so much that every time you play a certain song it reminds you of them? (I almost wrote them of you, I must be tired if I’m making simple mistakes) I know I do. For me it’s Hey Girl by Billy Currington (attached below.) Every time I hear this song it makes me think of what could have been between the said person and myself. But as I can’t go back to the way we were before it’s definitely harder to do for sure. It also makes me think of one question that I have asked myself in every relationship. “Where did I mess up?” That is the one question that i ask myself constantly. It’s also the answer that I get the toughest answers to. What I mean by that is, when I ask that question the person I ask often doesn’t want to answer the question. I still haven’t received a complete answer from the last one. I’m hoping to however. For that however you have to read a previous post.

Referring back to that previous post. This can go for most of my relationships. I haven’t had the greatest of lucks keeping them. But once in them I’ve managed to keep Girlfriend’s for over 2 years. So in essence I haven’t dated much but I definitely know what I’m doing to keep girls around for over 2 years each. But once you break up it’s slightly more complicated. Depending on the method of breaking up.IMG_1696 If it’s a bad break up you don’t want to remember anything about the person you’ve broken up with. But it’s so hard to let go completely, isn’t it? Memories are precious things guys. Don’t lose the important ones. When my first Girlfriend and I broke up we hated each other. It was a bad breakup. We didn’t speak for maybe 6 months. After we got over the worst of our feelings we both ended up seeking closure. After we managed to gain that we went on our separate ways. But the memories that we shared lasted for a long time. I wanted to forget them really bad but I couldn’t. Some of them faded but as we all know when a significant event happens to us we have a hard time ignoring or forgetting that. Good or bad. So despite the memories that still haunt me they are overridden by memories I want to keep.

My 2nd relationship was better. We did end on rough terms but we still ended up being good friends. We don’t talk quite as much as we use to but the memories I remember are still there. There are times when I wish they didn’t happen when it twinges at my heart but other times I don’t regret what happened for a second. Lately we haven’t been speaking because there is one thing that forgot after we broke up is that she is extremely sensitive. Especially to certain things. Most of our memories were special. Especially the ones where we got intimate. Those ones were always special.

We would create our own little world and that created some of the best experiences that I have ever had in my world. They were amazing. What we would do is create a story where we started as people our current age but then fast forward to where we were married and have kids. We would create multiple scenarios and everything. It was quite nice. After awhile though that got old is where we started to fall apart. One fight after another. Days of not texting. That sort of thing. It made for a living Hell for a while.

You see if you get to know me, and I mean super well you will find that I sometimes won’t show it but I am incredibly friendly and nice. I try to be friendly and polite in general but if you really get to know me I am an incredibly sweet person. Most my friends will say that themselves but be warned. I can turn quite nasty if I have to be. I’m not usually nasty but give me the opportunity and I will not make you super happy. Given what I have just said, it takes a lot for me to get to the point of wanting to hurl insults back at people.

So to end off this section of the posts. I haven’t had many relationships but when I am in one they last an incredibly long time. But the last time I was in a relationship was when I was 15. So over 7 years ago now. It sucks being single because you can get incredibly rusty. I thought for a little while I found someone who was different but as it turns out I was wrong. Sometimes I think that the single life is the only life I’m going to have by the end of my life.

Stay tuned for Part III in a few days, or weeks, or even a month depending how busy I am

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“The first impression is the last impression; you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”


Just When You…..

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Just when you thought things were going better…..Life throws you another curveball.

-Anonymous- (The reason being is their are many variations of this Quote)

We Come To…..

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Hey Guys,

I was going through some old friends Facebook photo’s and I found a very interesting one. It’s a picture that I can’t actually show due to privacy reasons but I am going to borrow from the photo. Enjoy Guys!

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly,”

– Sam Keen (To Love and Be Loved)

“Everyone is Equal when they’re dead”

– Gavroche (Les Miserables 2012 movie)

Every Alley Has……

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“Every Alley has a Shadow. But we must not forget to check for the light”


Lion King Quote…..

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Hi Everyone, usually I go directly into the quote. However, I feel that this quote I am about to post is best defined by the picture you are about to see. Enjoy everyone!

Lion King Quote


Pokemon, Gotta Catch…..

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“Pokemon, Gotta Catch ’em All!”

-Pokemon Motto

Don’t Take an….

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“Don’t take an insult personally, think of it as that persons way of being insecure,”

-My Creation