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Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about one of my favourite authors and role models; J. K. Rowling. But before we really take a look into what she is all about; (and I promise we will be getting into what she is all about.) First I’d like to take a look at someone else. That person is….Me of course.

Now like Rowling, I’ve always loved writing. If my mind serves me correctly I truly began writing stories back when I was about six. Which would have put me in grade one or two. The first big story I wrote was about three koala bears, which are in captivity and must escape from a fire that has broken out. That was my first big story. I never ended up finishing that story honestly. The reason I didn’t finish it was because I think I handed it in to my teacher to be marked and never got the book back. I think I asked about it once or twice but we never tracked it down. Sigh, such is life.

My second biggest story was a lot like the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. It was based around animals in forests exactly like that. The biggest difference there was that The names were different and the so were the ideas. Each one of them was slightly different. So in essence I couldn’t have been sued but I could have also been. That might sound odd but in essence here is what happened to that story.

From what I remember the first one was quite basic. I guess if you had to judge it you would have to say that it resembled Redwall the closest yet never actually was the same. That one if I remember correctly I wrote when I was 9-11 years old. Somewhere in that range. If you have read Redwall then you don’t really need to listen to an explanation. What happened to that one? Well it caused me much heartache and crying (apparently, according to my mother.) From what she said I guess I accidentally deleted the file with the whole novel on it. Yes, I had actually completed the entire manuscript.

I came up with one more idea, which I will talk about in a few minutes after I talk about Rowling. Let’s take a look at some of the facts that I know and can guess about. (Some I’m speculating and will update as I find the true information. Rowling started writing the Harry Potter series back in 1990. She spent about six years just planning the entire series. I don’t know what her outlines looked like honestly. Every author who has planned a book or novel series probably has had a different way of planning. When it was all said and done however you have to look at one impressive stat. It took her 17 years to complete the entire series. And look where it has gotten her. She goes from essentially living on welfare to being richer than the queen of England.

So, now that she is done someone else needs to step up and try and take her place as the next big writer of the next bestseller book series. Some people have tried Stephanie Meyer with the Twilight Saga, Rick Riordan with Percy Jackson and the Olympians and I’m sure others have attempted it. But none have come close to the amount of success that she has had. Now, maybe its because the series haven’t been marketed the same way or something. But in essence none have come close.

I’m sure you all want me to tell you the answer but please like/share/comment below the post.

Now on July 20th, 2007 arrived I went down to the local book store to buy the final installment of Harry Potter I went to sleep after about five chapters of reading and I had a dream. Now dreams are funny things because you can have the most amazing dream ever and not remember it at all. I however remembered this dream. When I woke the next morning I never even looked at Harry Potter and immediately started planning the novel series in which this post is ultimately all about.

Each novel series starts with a basic synopsis. Going back to Harry Potter references J.K. Rowling’s idea went something like this “Boy wizard doesn’t know he’s a wizard goes to wizarding school and fights the greatest dark wizard of all time.” I’m not saying that’s how she first wrote the synopsis but it would be an accurate guess. My synopsis goes along the lines of

3 children get transported to another world and must help their friends accomplish their goals while trying to find a way home.

That is a basic synopsis of what the goal of my three main characters.Now it’s a lot more complicated than that as during the time they are in the world they must help certain people fulfill certain tasks and in doing so help them get slightly closer to finding the way home. But it isn’t until later in the series that they realize that it isn’t 100% accurate and they must essentially start over but not completely.

Many of my friends have said that it’s a great idea. It has taken me over seven years to plan. But to be fair you have to add in a social life, school, sports and other commitments. So, if I were to reduce the amount of actual planning into consecutive days I would say that it has taken me a solid three years. I won’t actually say anymore about my series here and let you ponder my synopsis and tell me if it is an idea that intrigues you.

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