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Some people struggle with a social life, some with work. Others struggle with the course load and commitment needed to help you succeed in school. But, that commitment in one department means that you must make sacrifices in other areas of your world. For me it’s a complicated situation. School isn’t my strongest point. I know and admit that. Well I won’t say school in general I’ll say that tests aren’t my strongest point. It sucks because unlike some people I enjoy university learning.

When it comes to exams in university, I suck. I freak out I usually don’t know what to do or my brain blanks. My other biggest flaw is getting started on final projects. I hate it so much. I want to do I really do. I just stress so much that it causes me to do badly.

Anyway onto the point of this. I’ve had to make many sacrifices this semester, including skipping events with my roommates. I know that maybe I should stop being so busy with theatre stuff and focus more on my friends. But in all honesty I consider my theatre friends closer to me then my roommates at this point.

I guess I spend so much time with theatre stuff because I have to Stage Manage Directors Festival. What is Directors Festival? Well Directors Festival or D-Fest as most of us in the theatre department call it. This has taken up a lot of my time. I’ve had to put together this binder with all the scripts to every play in the show for Night B.

This is definitely the toughest test I’ve had to endure this year because it’s taken so much time and is still going to take so much more. But All I can say here is bring it on…!