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Sometimes I think we do things out of spite for other people. Other times I think it’s out of pity. Then there is sometimes I think that people actually care and want to do. That’s the case with Actors and Actresses at the Thompson Rivers University (TRU) Actors Workshop Theatre. (AWT) If combined all together (TRUAWT) If you really wanna know more about TRU and the Actors Workshop Theatre follow them on Twitter. The thing I notice is that every student in the AWT really loves  doing it. I mean why would we do something that we hate?

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a 1st year or a 4th year, we all seem to get along well. Well I guess it matters in some regards you don’t usually see 1st years mixing with 4th years. This isn’t completely as some 1st years seem to have made their way into the “in crowd” with the older students. Even in 2nd year you really have to work to make an impression on the 3rd and 4th year students. For me personally I think I had a slight advantage because of my age. If I had gone to university directly out of high school I would be in 4th year right now. However, by taking 2 years off it makes me a 2nd year. I’m the same age or older then a lot of the 3rd or 4th years because you can’t obviously stop yourself from aging. Sometimes I feel so old compared to my classmates.

Well anyway the 1st show of the year, Gossip by George F. Walker, was a huge success! I really enjoyed it I got to go see it twice. The story itself is quite good. It’s about this investigator journalist trying to solve the murder of Jane (Bitch) Nelson. Tyrone Power (The Main Character) is told by his boss Baxter to solve the case of who killed Bitch Nelson. This leads him to slowly solve a giant ring of crime. I suggest if you really want to enjoy this play however you go see it performed somewhere. I could go into all the details but that would take way to much effort. It’s fantastically done. I’m really proud to have been able to say I helped put on this show.

The next show that the TRUAWT is putting on is An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen. I don’t know much about this play except that it’s a mystery. I haven’t had a chance to actually read the play itself yet. However, I will get to see the play about 10-12 times. So by the end of the play I will definitely have a good idea of what is going on. For An Enemy of the People or “Enemy” as we refer to it. None of the actors/resses from Gossip are in Enemy, which is kind of nice because this allows us to see an entirely new cast of student actors/resses. That is probably something I’m looking forward to the most. A chance to see friends I either haven’t seen or who have played a minor role in plays.

For Enemy, I’m doing the lighting board. That’s where I will be in charge of the entire light system for the show. It’s going to be interesting. But since I need so many ‘crew’ hours for one of my classes this should be able to cover most if not the rest of them. I don’t mean to sound stuck up or like I’m better than everyone else in the class, but I can tell my technical theatre (class) prof really relies on me. I just try and do a good job and make sure everyone succeeds. Being in a Theatre department calls for a lot of teamwork. For example to make a play successful it calls for cooperation from everyone. If the Stage Manager didn’t check in on the lights, sounds, running and dressing crews the whole show would collapse. But what’s so awesome about doing something like this is that it makes everyone become friends. And if everyone is friends it makes everything a whole hell of a lot easier.

We still however have to deal with building, painting, lighting, costumes, and everything else before this play can go on. Without these people there would be no show. Enemy opens in 4 weeks and I’m looking forward to it. But Lets remember that even though it’s only a small part of the theatre department that is helping it makes it a whole lot easier with the cooperation of everyone involved. Working around different schedules. Working around the building of a stage. Anything like that always makes life better. I really enjoy theatre and everyone in it. Whether it be 4th years or a couple of the 1st years everyone in Theatre has a part to play in becoming a star at TRU.

Have a good one guys!


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