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Hey everyone,

Sorry about the big delay. I’ve had a exams and travelling home so I haven’t had a chance to update lately. Anyway, I hope everyone has been doing well lately. My exams were crazy. I know I did well on one of them but the other one is a different story. I know I passed the course for sure. I just hope it didn’t hurt my GPA to much.

However, now that I’m back home I can focus more on work for the summer. The work itself is a little more complicated then that. I’ve been trying really hard yet I haven’t had any call backs from people who I could possibly get a job from. I’m just hoping that I can come up with something.

I can do one job. However, I am trying to avoid it because it is the last one I did last year and on and off for the past three years…So that one I’m really trying to avoid. If I have to though I will go back. That also depends on if my friend who is currently working there does leave to go work in a mine in the southeast Yukon. In a way I am hoping he does leave.

But in between trying to find a job I’m currently hanging out at home playing xbox or I’m going to the gym to stay fit. I need it otherwise I will become a couch potato. (Even though the idea is sometimes appealing :))

Alright Guys and Gals, I have nothing else to report today So look for my quotes that will start up tomorrow.

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“Love is a mystery in the eyes of everyone. Never truly discovered, only found by 2 people.”

Pokemon, Gotta Catch…..

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“Pokemon, Gotta Catch ’em All!”

-Pokemon Motto

Don’t Take an….

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“Don’t take an insult personally, think of it as that persons way of being insecure,”

-My Creation

Hi Everyone,

*Quick Note: Now to open up just a touch. I’m going to tell you about a few of my passions in different posts because this would be an insanely large Post otherwise*

So……Writing! I love to write. I have never been a huge poem or short story writer. But Novels? That’s another story entirely. Right now I am currently planning out a six book novel series. Currently I am on Book 3 of six. It’s taken me a long time as I planned out Books 1 and 2 in a notebook and just this past year  It’s really good according to my friends whom I’ve told the idea to. I would tell you all the details but unfortunately I won’t be doing that. I will be giving you a short summary of the novel series.

Summary: Well these six children get transported to the Andromeda Galaxy from Earth. There they are told that they must find a way home. During the journey of trying to get home. Which they must do by finding 6 amulets. One each. However, the twist is that the antagonist needs these amulets to rule the universe. If that happens then they are screwed. So in essence they must find the amulets and get home before the antagonist gets them. Then there is a twist of love, trickery and all sorts of mystery…..

That’s the story of my writing life. Hope you enjoy the post  🙂


“Love is a mystery in the eyes of everyone. Never truly discovered, only found by 2 people.”

Life without Risk……

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“Life without risk or reward wouldn’t be much of a life would it?”

-My Creation

(Sorry for the delay on yesterday, had an exam)

Do Unto Others…..

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“Do unto others what you want done unto you,”


“When one chapter ends another one begins.”

The title of this particular post is pretty straight forward. The reason I say that is, that yesterday I officially finished classes from my first year of university. It feels amazing. I still have two exams left so unfortunately I will be stuck here until the 25th of April. That is Ok though. It’ll be relaxing and not quite as stressful as the actual school year.

I guess that the title has a double meaning to it. One of my closest friends left today. Most people would say “Oh, don’t worry, you’ll see her in the fall,” and stuff like that. The thing is I am not going to see her this fall. She is in a special program that is taking her to Thailand for the year. After that she graduates. And she says she isn’t coming back afterwards. So it kind of upsets me and I never truly told her how I feel. Even if I did manage to she wouldn’t have shown the same feelings. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really cared for her. She helped me through a tough time and I helped her through one as well.

That’s it for this post, it’s surprising how expressing yourself really helps you.

Cheers guys,


“Love is a mystery in the eyes of everyone. Never truly discovered, only found by 2 people.”

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When One Chapter…..

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“When One Chapter Ends, Another One Begins,”

A Quote I’ve heard many times but don’t know the Origin

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”

– Grand Master Oogway (Kung Fu Panda -2008)